Missing Pets
Last Seen: 969 Tramells Trail, Kissimmee, FL 34744, USA
Lost: December 4 5:10 AM
Last Seen: 615 Massachusetts Avenue, St. Cloud, FL, USA
Lost: October 11 8:00 PM
Last Seen: 32 Silver Park Cir Kissimmee FL 34743
Lost: October 25 8:00 PM

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When you license before January 31st

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ATTENTION: Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, pet owners are encouraged to license online or over the phone to help reduce face-to-face contact. If you do plan to license in person, please call the licensing vendor ahead of time to ensure they are open.

The DocuPet Story

Pet licenses are really important. When lost pets end up in shelters, those with license tags are much more likely to be returned home. Also, license fees help support critical community initiatives. When we learned that across the United States a mere 13% of pet owners license their animals, we found our mission.

We've partnered with the Osceola County Animal Services to make every pet license as valuable to you as it is to animal safety.

Your DocuPet Membership includes:

Personalized Tags

Tags That Help All Pets

Our tags help lost pets get home safely. They also help fund Osceola County Animal Services, a local organization that finds safe and happy homes for the county's most vulnerable animals.

Now in Osceola County you can choose from our selection of fun tag designs. We can also etch your pet's name and your phone number on each.

Any tag you choose will be your official license tag. Cool, huh?

HomeSafe Logo

Every DocuPet tag comes with a unique code tied to our free HomeSafe™ Lost Pet Service. If your pet becomes lost you can send Lost Pet Alerts to local pet owners who will use your code and our 24/7 Hotline to reunite you.

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Safe & Happy Fund

Our mission is to help provide a safe and happy home for every pet. Our commitment to this mission extends beyond improvements to pet license tags and registration programs. We also directly support Osceola County Animal Services by donating 20% of all product purchases including designer tags, and by collecting cash donations directly from local pet owners.

The net proceeds of all funds collected in Osceola County through our Safe and Happy Fund go to support Osceola County Animal Services.

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